Disinfection Services

Our professional mobile disinfection service offers treatments that directly target viruses and bacteria using aviation approved products.

The awareness for the potential spread of viruses is at a global high following the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been answering this demand for greater sanitation by offering two types of Disinfection service.

1. Aircraft Fogging – The most popular and least intrusive = Less aircraft down time. For this we board the aircraft with our nebulising machine and fog the cabin and storage holds. We ask that the aircraft be connected to a GPU and the air packs turned on so the disinfectant fog can be circulated. Every surface will then be fogged. Our product leaves a 10-day residual factor meaning if the virus comes into contact with the treated surface it should be sterilised by its residual factor providing you with greater protection.

2. Full Hard Clean – After conducting the above Aircraft Fogging process we then follow behind with a hard clean. This is where all surfaces are wiped with cloth and antibacterial cleaner to perform full sterilisation. Note this is a technical clean and not a cosmetic clean so there may still be the same cabin soiling. We therefore recommend that if you would like to increase cosmetic appearance that our Internal Clean is performed alongside this treatment.

All of our completed work is issued with complacence certification.

We also offer Disinsection treatments that target living insects.